About MAS

Franz Zach

Welcome to the World of MAS

The MAS medical product trade GmbH with headquarters in Leibnitz/Austria and its Distribution Company MAS St Barth with its headquarter in St Barth, has successfully engaged itself for over 20 years with the development and production of health using pulsed magnetic field systems (PEMF) in the areas of wellness, health, sport and well-being.

The new generation of these high-value products offer a wide range of different application possibilities. The large demand after alternative treatment methods allows us to work with joy on a daily basis, to use the latest insights in the medicine and the technical progress for our customers and to bring on the market a new form of Innovative MAS systems.

Magnetic Field System

The technology of the natural health provision vitality and health through magnet-resonance-Stimulation: The Innovative connection of old age knowledge from the natural medicine and most modern technology helps your body to activate its self healing powers. Magnetic fields are everywhere around us and in us: Magnetism is one of nature’s forces, without it no plant, no animal, and no Person could live.

The MAS magnetic field system uses the natural phenomenon of the magnetism in order to relax body and soul, to increase the vitality and to preserve the health. The MAS magnetic field system can be used for the health care, for relaxation and activation as well as for the support of medical treatments.

MAS works closely together with researchers and doctors everywhere in the world; the results of numerous medical studies went in into the development of the MAS magnetic field system. The MAS magnetic field system produces a magnetic field that supports your body in the long-term health care. The appliance is conceivably simple: Put on the Mats applicator, start a program – and relax.

Franz Zach