Special Multi

Price: $ 5,800.–

Your best partner for wellness, reflexology, bio-rhythm, frequency bands, sport and therapy. There are a number of frequency patterns and versatile options to select out your special programs – the MAS multi system!

You will find in this device the most common pattern of frequencies, which can be used for energy support and assist in therapeutic use. Whether sine, rectangular, triangle or saw-tooth frequencies, low or high field strengths!

Field strength over 100 Gauss (10 mT)
Sinus Reinfrequenze 1-9999 Hz;
multi therapy signals
Rectangle, saw tooth, triangle, sinus
Various application scopes:
Wellness areas (wellness, reflex zones,
organic rhythm & frequency bands)
Sports area
Program area (I, II, III and IV)
94 preset programs and pre choose able programs
Programmable Sinus programs in the field program IV (30 additional memory space)