Every human being consist
of 80 trillion power plants.

Life Motto: Vitality

The Human cells function like a power plant. The body’s cell batteries consist of 80 trillion cells that manage our energy balance.

Fit cells continuously produce sufficient amounts of energy. if our cells are weakened, we feel listless and exhausted. 80 trillion body cells are the power plants for vitality and well-being.

MAS technology has been based on the laws of nature for decades. It positively stimulates the human cells like a fitness program. In this way it supports energy production, well-being and enhances vitality for life through a balanced energy level.

Vitality the engine of the human life. The Earth is a huge magnet spanned by a magnetic field that serves as a protective shield and energy source for all living creatures.

The innovative combination of ancient knowledge of natural medicine with state-of-the-art technology helps your body activate its self healing powers.

MAS utilizes the natural phenomenon of magnetism to relax body and soul, enhance vitality and protect our health.

The German Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Werner Heisenberger summarized this as follows: “Electromagnetic energy is the fundamental energy upon which the whole life of an organism depends.”

Experiments with laboratory mice have proven without a doubt that we cannot live without the natural geomagnetic fields. The first astronauts and cosmonauts experienced first-hand what happens without exposure to the earth’s electromagnetic field: They soon began to develop muscular atrophy, osteoporosis and disturbances of equilibrium.

The Swiss physician Dr. Stark wrote in his book - Magnetism in Therapy - that only magnetic force is able to supply new energy to the body cells.